Dissertation Scholar Events

Calling all scholars!

Do you have a PhD? If you (or someone you know) possess one and are connected to Juniata County (currently a resident or from here) we would like to host you at one of our future dissertation scholar events!

What is a PhD? It is an academic degree, also known as the Doctor of Philosophy. It is for generating new knowledge through scientific research. According to the University of Arizona, examples of the work completed when obtaining a PhD are “setting up experiments, collecting data, applying statistical and analytical techniques and/or gaining teaching experience.” It usually takes several years to complete the coursework and research for a PhD. Once complete, the student must present and defend their work before an academic panel. If successful, they are then referred to as “doctor.”

Part of the PhD program is creating a lengthy document known as a dissertation. According to Purdue University, it is “constructed into 4 to 6 chapters, including an introduction, abstract model of what the dissertation will prove, validation of the model or proof of theorems, measurements and data, additional results, and conclusions and future work.” Dissertations are usually a couple hundred pages in length and can be turned into a book.

The Juniata County Library values lifelong learning. We want to recognize those in our community who have reached the pinnacle of academic experience!

At each dissertation scholar event the individual would share a 30-minute synopsis of their PhD, join in a question-and-answer session, and receive a commemorative certificate from the Juniata County Library. Each person with a PhD would have their own event. We will invite the local newspapers so that they can cover the event.

At this time we are gathering names of individuals who possess a PhD. We will then reach out to those individuals and schedule the individual events in the coming months.

You may register for this by completing the following form: