Library volunteers must be at least 16 years of age and willing to commit to a minimum of six months. Please read the Juniata County Library Volunteer Policy(attached below) before submitting the application.

As of May 2015, all volunteers are required to have the following clearances. You are responsible for providing these documents within 30 days of the start of your volunteering assignment (all are valid for five years). This is also in effect for those in need of completing community service hours. 

  • FBI Background Check - link
  • PA Child Abuse History Clearance - link
  • Act 24 Clearance (Criminal Background) - link

You may complete the online form below or download the PDF file and submit an application (Adobe Acrobat or a PDF viewing program is required to access the form and complete this task).

Volunteering for Community Service

  • If your volunteer service consists of court-directed community service hours, the Library is willing to take community service workers who are age 13 and older on an individual basis.
  • Court-ordered community service usually involves tasks such as dusting, sweeping outside, shoveling snow, etc. By policy, the Library does not take court-ordered community service workers with the following offense(s): Sexual assault or predation, Violent crimes, Grand theft.
  • The Library Director reserves the right to turn anyone away for court-ordered community service.
  • All community service workers are required to sign in and out of their shift. Since these hours normally need to be turned into another organization, a member of the Library staff must initial the time sheets or the time does not count. Community service hours can only be completed during regular business hours.
  • The Library has its own version of time sheets to keep track of community service hours.  When the worker is ready to turn in their hours, the Library staff will make a copy of the sheet that the Library keeps and provides the worker with the original. All hours and notes are kept in a digital file as a backup for future use.
  • To set up community service hours you must call and speak to the Library Director at 717.436.6378.