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--MAY 25, 2024: Sibling rivalry’ between MCL, JCL. Read now.

--MARCH 11, 2024: Homeschoolers invited to hang out. Read now.

--FEBRUARY 28, 2024: 2023 annual report presented to the Juniata County commissioners. Read now.

(Left to right: Juniata County commissioner Mark Partner, Juniata County Library director Vince Giordano and Juniata County commissioner Alice Gray.)


--NOVEMBER 28, 2023: Snapshots: bringing the community together (Lewistown Sentinel A7)

--JUNE 26, 2023: Juniata County Library keeps summer reading fun. Read now.

--MAY 2, 2023: Rep. Stambaugh visits Juniata County Library. Read now.

--MAR. 8, 2023: Commissioners hear update on library. Read now

--FEB. 14, 2023: United in Reading. Read now.

--JAN. 24, 2023: Basement bargains: Friends of the Library begin their weekly book sale. Read now.

--JAN. 18, 2023: US Rep. John Joyce MD came to the Juniata County Library and donated children’s books from the Library of Congress. Juniata County Librarian and Director Vince Giordano greeted him and discussed services provided by the library. Read now.

(Sentinel photo by Mike Goss)


 --APR. 13, 2022: Check it out: Juniata County Library director Vince Giordano discusses services, resources, and issues with Rep. Jonathan Hershey. Read now.

--MAR. 2, 2022: Commissioners hear progress reports from institution directors (2021 annual report presented.) Read now.


--AUG. 18, 2021: People in rural Pennsylvania are desperate for internet. (Philadelphia Inquirer, A1)

--JUNE 15, 2021: Juniata County Library is back open to the public. Read now. Library update given to the county commissioners. Read now.

--FEB. 10, 2021: Juniata County Library director Vince Giordano shares the library’s 2020 annual report. Read now.   


--MAY 30, 2020: Mifflin, Juniata counties’ libraries to open Monday. Read now

--FEB. 20, 2020: More than books: Juniata County Library expands offerings well beyond printed matter. Read now.


--DEC. 18, 2019: Juniata County Library keeps on thriving: Giordano invites commissioners to flourishing library at meeting. Read now

--FEB. 07, 2019: Courses available at library. Read now

--FEB. 20, 2019: The Juniata County Library continues to learn and grow. Read now.

--MAY 29. 2019: Hershey visits. Read now.


--AUG. 08, 2018:  Library offers fiber internet. Summer reading program offers messy toddler day for children. Read now.

--JUL. 21, 2018:  JC Library receives grant. PPL Foundation grant earmarked for youth programming. Read now

--JUN. 09, 2018: 4-year-old makes special donation. Read now.

--MAY. 26, 2018: Annual summer reading program to kick off June 8. Read now

--APR. 11, 2018: Proclamation celebrates Juniata County Library: April 8-14 designated ‘National Library Week’. Read now.


--JUN. 23, 2017:  Citizens Bank to offer financial literacy course. Free classes start July 10 at Juniata County Library. Read now.

--JUN. 01, 2017: Juniata County Library’s ‘Build a Better World’ themed program begins on June 9. Read now.

--APR. 19, 2017: Physical improvements coming to Juniata County Library. Bequest will allow addition of steps to make the building safer. Read now.


--FEB. 24, 2016: Commissioners grant residents public access to legal database. Read now.


--MAR. 07, 2015: Giordano hired as new director for library. Read now