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We want to answer your questions about the library and a fun way we can do this is to post "Ask Us Anything" videos. Click here to submit a question and library director Vince Giordano will answer them! The videos can be viewed on our Facebook and Instagram pages, too!

Episode Archive

--Episode 14 (4/8/2020) - How to Download Digital Titles (eBooks, eAudio) from Overdrive 

--Episode 13 (4/7/2020) - How to Download Digital Titles (eBooks, eAudio) from Libby 

--Episode 12 (4/6/2020) - How Digital Titles (eBooks, eAudio) Are Purchased 

--Episode 11 (4/3/2020) - How do we decide what to remove from the library collection? 
--Episode 11.5 - Peeling Back the Onion Re: Collection Development (BONUS) 

--Episode 10 (4/2/2020) - How do we decide what to buy for the library collection? 

--Episode 9 (4/1/2020) - Where does the library get its funding from?

--Episode 8 (3/31/2020) - The 9 things you need to check out on our website. 

--Episode 7 (3/30/2020) - How the library is handling the COVID-19 outbreak. 

--Episode 6 (3/27/2020) - The 9 things that are helping me stay productive while working at home. 

--Episode 5 (3/25/2020) - Book Review of Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber by Mike Isaac 

--Episode 4 (3/24/2020) - Recommendations for readers of Vampire Diaries and Twilight.

--Episode 3 (3/23/2020) - What are my favorite books?  

--Episode 2 (3/20/2020)

--Episode 1 (3/19/2020)