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Friends of the Library


State funding for the Juniata County Library continues to lag, while use of the library has increased. Therefore the role of the Friends of the Library has become much more important! We are working hard to help the library reduce costs by volunteering to do various jobs. We are also working hard to raise money so that the library can continue to provide its usual services. We are doing this with our dues, and the money we raise from various fundraising activities.

With your support, the Friends of the Library have donated money for:
  • New computers for patron use
  • Curtains in the community room
  • A refinishing of the community room floor
  • New display shelves for the children's collection
  • Movie licenses that allow the showing of films for library programs
  • Support of the children and adult Summer Reading Programs
Join the Friends of the Library and help support great projects and efforts happening now! Join here.

friends of the library group officers
(Pictured above: Friends of the Library leadership)

Vince Giordano,
Oct 12, 2018, 6:07 AM