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Questions? Feedback?
You may contact us directly or fill out the form below. 
We also can be easily reached by message on our social media pages.
Do not send "cold-call" and or other unsolicited emails. They will be deleted immediately.

717-436-6378 (phone)
717-436-5053 (fax)
juniatalibrary@juniatalibrary.org - General email contact for the library
techsupport@juniatalibrary.org - Questions related to eBooks and Tech Support appointments
lifelonglearning@juniatalibrary.org - Account for lifelong learning programs and general newsletter

If you have a general question or comment please fill out the form below or contact us by phone or email. We read all of your messages and welcome your questions, comments, or suggestions. If a response is required or requested, we will make every effort to respond within two business days. In order to help us reply in a timely manner, please be sure to fill out the form accurately and provide as much detail as possible.